Mapping and Implementation

The tax authorities introduces new demands at all times and with increasingly tight deadlines. Our expert consultants in mapping and implementing of tax projects guarantee agility and tranquility in compliance with these demands.


The BPO allows the use of the know-how of our team in outsourcing processes of Tax and Accounting areas, reducing costs and increasing productivity. In this model your company is focused on the core business, without compromising the quality in the delivery of the obligations required by tax authorities.


Our team is specialized in serving. An efficient support cell is an important part in reducing the tax exposure while maintaining your tax solutions always up to date and 100% functional, your team has always on hand the best tools to meet the tax authorities requirements.

Software House

Customizations and small developments help in meeting the particularities of each company. Our software factory develops customized solutions fully integrated into your systems.

Talks and Training

Stay on top of news of the Brazilian tax scenario and empower your team to face the challenges of everyday with our training and talks tailored to your company.

Flux-it simplifies and streamlines the daily activities of your business.

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