With internationals accords as BEPS and FATCA becoming reality, the financial department faces major challenges in the information management. Our solutions bring safety, traceability and agility in the processing of finance informations.

See below our action areas:

Tax Payment

Individual Tax Slips

Automate the generation and payment of ICMS and ICMS-ST per operation, simplifying the process and guaranteeing the unique payment of GNRE, DARJ, GARE, etc.

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Monthly Taxes

Integrate our solution to your ERP or Tax Solution and automate the payment of taxes calculated monthly as ICMS, ICMS-ST, IPI, PIS / COFINS, IR and CSLL.

Reports e Declarations


A series of measures against tax evasion and tax avoidance are being adopted worldwide in order to establish a tax authority with global control. Multinationals need solutions that help management and the presentation of information required by this new model.


Brazil has joined the intergovernmental cooperation agreement with the United States to share financial information. Our solutions ensure compliance with the agreement by brazilian financial institutions subject to the FATCA rules.


Expect a simple and flexible solution to capture and present purchase information and sales of international services.

Flux-IT streamline the daily activities of your business.

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