Tax and Accounting

The growing modernization of Tax Authorities requires more attention of companies to maintain the compliance. Our solutions combine the knowledge and technology innovation looking for the highest level of automatization, reducing the tax exposition and guaranteeing the agility and precision in the delivery of informations to Tax Authorities.

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Tax Calculation


We integrate the tax calculation engine developed by DOOTAX with your ERP, guaranteeing precision in the tax determination of your operations.

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ICMS Partition

Constitutional Amendment 87/15 created a new ICMS sharing system between the states. Our unique solution calculates the tax burden due to each state and prepares the necessary information related to ancillary obligations.

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Accumulated ICMS Credit

The e-CredAc stopped being a challenge for the São Paulo companies.

More than 50 million reais in accumulated ICMS credits have been calculated and recovered by our solutions.

Electronic Tax Documents


We integrate your sales system with the electronic documents issuer developed by DOOTAX, allowing the issuance of NFC-e, NF-e, NFS-e, CT-e and MDF-e with agility, security and reliability

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The NFC-e represents an innovation milestone for Brazilian retailers. By doing so, stores can finally adopt the mobile POS model, getting rid of lines, improving the customer experience and them increasing revenue.

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Tax Slips

Automatize the issuance and payment of tax slips straight from the NF-e XML, streamlining the process and allowing the unique payment of GNRE, DARJ, GARE and etc.

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Legal Reports Delivery


New SPED modules like ECF, REINF and RECOF add up to already consolidated ones like EFD, ECD and EFD-Contribuições. Rely on solutions easy to maintain and that integrates with any ERP.

Auxiliary Reports

Only the deliverance of auxiliary obligations before the due date don’t guarantee legal security and accurary of your information. Auxiliary reports streamline the analising of disclosed information to the Tax Authorities and can represent a big ally in the reduction of tax exposure.


The Tax Authorities already have tools that allow them to cross different tax obligations automaticaly, helping and accelerating the tax audit. Solution for reconciliation that uses the same selection parameters used by the Tax Authorities are a big ally to avoid fines, sanctions and tax exposure.

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