GNRE is a document habitually used by all taxpayers who perform interstate sell operations subject to ICMS-ST or ICMS partition as expected by Emenda Constitucional 87/15

Currently e-GNRE is the market leader solution for issuance and control of online GNRE. More than a simple GNRE generator, through e-GNRE solution your company will process, issue and control the payment of documents automatically, individually or in batches with less human interaction and high reliability of informations presented to the Tax Authorities.

See some features and benefits:

  • Automatic generation of documents from the XML of NF-e
  • Issues the GNRE for all states of Brazil
  • Documents paid in 15 minutes without any human interaction
  • Save time in the shipment of the goods
  • Prevent duplicate payment
  • Bank integration for automatic payment
  • Get the paid documents also by email
  • Integration with ERP for accounting of paid documents

ICMS-ST by Operation

Allows the payment of ICMS-ST for companies that do not have State Registration in the state of destination of the goods.

ICMS-ST Anticipation

Calculates, generates the payment document and process the ICMS-ST payment by anticipation in the acquisition of goods subject to tax substitution only in the destination state.

ICMS Partition

Allows the generation and payment of GNRE for collection of the portion of the ICMS due to the destination state in compliance with Constitutional Amendment 87/15 (ICMS-DIFAL) without impact on the sales and logistics process.

Market leader since 2012

Although the use of GNRE has grown exponentially with the Constitutional Amendment 87/15, the solution e-GNRE solves the problem of generation and payment of the documents since 2012.

More than 550 million reais in ICMS have been collected through the solution e-GNRE

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